Thursday, September 19, 2013

Updating the 4th Draft

After my last group of Beta Readers, I’ve been scrambling trying to fix issues in the book, while at the same time reducing word count and cleaning up some of the grammar. I’ve decided to get the new version done ASAP, because I have another set of Beta Readers waiting. ( is awesome for that.)

The main changes, in the upgrade, are in the middle of the book. I wanted to lean it out a bit while at the same time, try to find ways to make it more exciting. While not giving away too many details, I’ve been working to solidify the main character’s drive through that part of the novel. I also have changed a bit of the lead up to the climax because a few readers stated one part of it slightly confused them and got them out of the story for a moment. So I wanted to make sure that issue was resolved.

I did some research recently on word count and found that most Middle Grade books are about 60K words. Jeez, how in the world are people writing like that? LOL But then I found a few threads on MBs that stated that generally 20-25% extra is given to those who write fantasy or sci-fi for world building. (So more like 80 to 90K) I was glad to hear that, I just don’t see a way to take out 20K words from The Messengers. The story is a sci-fi/fantasy mix. I personally think it falls more under the dystopian sci-fi banner, but some of my beta readers have seen it as fantasy. So it is upper middle grade, dystopian post-apocalyptic sci-fi with fantasy elements. LOL

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