Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snow in Atlanta - Snowpocalypse 2014

It’s that time of year again, the time when Southerners retreat from the incoming ice and snow like bears into caves for hibernation.

I know for many who live elsewhere wonder why Southerners are paranoid about snow? Well it’s simple. We get less than a few days of it a year, if that, so local governments spend NO money on dealing with it. We raid the supermarkets, get off the roads, and hope that the weather people aren’t crying wolf. (Because they know we hate snow and will watch their news programs if they are talking about it.)

Yesterday, the day before the dreaded fluffy white death fell from the sky, the news stations ran 24-7 warning us of the three to four inches of doom that would fall. Not to mention email and texting alerts on cell phones. And today, schools, churches, and business closed while the governor declared a state of emergency. If anyone ever wants to write about a true apocalypse, come down to the South when it snows and watch how we react. If aliens truly came to earth, those of us under the Mason-Dixon line know exactly what to do.

My friends from New Jersey snicker when I tell them all the problems that our three to four inches is causing, while they deal with two feet of the stuff. But I smile, pull my hot chocolate to my mouth, on my day off, and say “Wait for the summer, then we’ll see who’s complaining.”

I took a few pictures of the raid left on the Supermarket. It’s about what they show in the movies, but not quite.


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