Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Last Call for Betas

I've been through a good amount of Beta Readers thus far and honestly have been pretty blessed to get a lot of people to check out the book. But this will be my last set until the sequel. :-) Anyone who wants to read, and has an account via goodreads or absolutewrite is welcome to take a look. I'll have this open for a week or so while I gather soem new troops ready to do battle "Messenger's Style". The information is below:

I need Beta Readers who will provide feedback for a Sci-fi Fantasy Middle Grade Novel. Think The Hunger Games meets Percy Jackson. (86.6K Words / 294 pages / PG-10: Action, Violence, Light Romance, Implied Language)

Summary: In the future the world is divided. All communications have been severed: no telephones, Internet, or anything to send information. Now with the world in the midst of their fourth war in eighty years, the warring powers decide to send children on the dangerous mission to take messages back and forth to the battlefield. Adrian Zeno is such a child, brought in from the Outlands and placed on the front lines of a war that will be won or lost based on the information he carries.

A detailed critique is not necessary, but I really need honest feedback on the story and the characters. I do have a small questionnaire, for those who don’t want to worry with a write up. But I’m open even to “hey I liked it” “hey I didn’t”. Although the more information I have the better. :-) I can even send you the first four chapters to see if you’re interested.


Here's the link for the first 19 pages. Let me know if you can't get to them.

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