Saturday, December 21, 2013

Finding Your Audience as a Writer

Just like everyone has a different fingerprint, we all have various opinions and most are not even close to the same. Many arguments are actually over opinion; i.e. the sky is sky blue or deep blue or dark blue. I’m learning as a writer, that readers are the same way. Some may love an idea, while others detest it. Some may enjoy long descriptions while others despise it. One person may enjoy challenging characters while others prefer simple.

Recently, as I generally do from time to time, I went out to read reviews on And readers opinions on books vary as the colors in a rainbow. In fact, what I started noticing was not so much about the rating of the first book from a series, but rather instead what is the rating after that book.

Writers and Readers are like single people going out on dates. Once someone finds a match they stick with them. I've noticed generally after that first book the rating escalates, because those who enjoyed the first book and the style of the author are back to enjoy the next one. While the others go off to find “other dates.”

As a reader, I've already found several books that I detest, loathe, hate with all my being. Oddly enough (in my mind) others find these to be great, wonderful, creative, and uplifting. I have those books that literally make me want to run to the library and read through the stacks; while other readers would love nothing more than to take the same book and rip it in half and burn the pieces over an open flame. I think this is encouragement to any writer to know that everyone will not enjoy your book. But, instead of worrying about the people who don’t enjoy it, focus on those that do. Find your audience and write for them and yourself.

Something uplifting for the Holidays. Have a good one.  

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